First day, and no pain really!

I’ve been having pain especially in my right leg, thigh, angle and some calve areas. Last winter 2020, it was worst. Kept me up at night especially since I sleep a lot with my legs bent. I use an elliptical machine every day and now do over 50 minutes daily, so don’t know if it’s just stress or what from that. But I placed two on each side of right ankle, two each side of calve, two each side of thigh and two each side of knee. I just say, my right leg did not hurt at all. I placed a few on left leg. I do have my good days working out, less pain and good work outs. Today, Sunday, I’ll see if pain is still subsided Monday and Tuesday. Before I place the magnets on my skin, I washed skin with a wash cloth and soapy water and dried off. They stayed on during my work out and when I took a shower, I was careful not to rub onto to the pieces. I blotted towel dry those areas also. One came off I notice and just put it back and, no problem. This was after I put my clothes back on. So good so far. **update 12/15/2021** The magnets stay on pretty good; they’re not going to stay forever so a few fell off after few days. Working out, no pain still. I’m getting a little pain at night in bed; bending of the legs, but daytime, working out on elliptical machine, none so far. I’m happy. 😊

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