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[강원도] 동강마루 보리 고추장 900G


[Gangwon-do] Donggangmaru Barley Red Pepper Paste 900g

Just as delicious as the old days!

Made using Gangwon-do’s traditional method, it’s not too sweet, so it’s excellent for soups such as kimchi stew, spicy fish stew, and soybean paste stew!
The wizard of savory and clean soup taste!
Dr. Jjigae won a prize in the Gangwon-do traditional red pepper paste quality evaluation!


Our agricultural products are prepared with care and the taste is the best! Nutrition is also great!

In the fertile territory of Yeongwol, where the clear and clean Donggang River flows, we carefully pack 100% Korean agricultural products produced by the hands of simple farmers, with brilliant morning dew, clear sunlight, and cool breezes.

The taste is the best (Maru)! Nutrition is also great!
It is the producer’s wish to always bring the best to your table.
Yeongwol, a place where the Donggang River, a treasure trove of natural beauty, flows leisurely, and the elegance of the wandering poet Kim Satgat and the love stories of Danjong reside!
We provide only food containing the mountains, fields, wind, and water of Yeongwol.

“We are making honest, domestic agricultural products produced in the fertile soil of Yeongwol, where the clear and clean Donggang River flows, and making safe and reliable food through a scientific, systematic, and proactive management system.”


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