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[강원도] 사포닌이 풍부한 3년생 이상의 무농약 도라지를 담아낸, 산골농장 도라지청 150g


[Gangwon-do] Sangol Farm Dorajicheong 150g

Dorajicheong grown and made by ourselves

Bellflower root is rich in saponin, inulin, dietary fiber, and minerals. Pesticides on the roots do not easily disappear, so you must check whether or not they are pesticide-free. Experience the deep sincerity and taste of bellflower root, 100% domestically produced and cultivated without pesticides for more than 3 years to maintain its nutrients.

Contains pesticide-free bellflower root over 3 years old, rich in saponin.

Bellflower root, cultivated cleanly without pesticides for over 3 years, goes through a process of selection, washing, cutting, and low temperature for about 24 hours. After that, boil the dried bellflower root for 24 hours, boil it for another 24 hours, and drink bellflower jelly made by purifying and concentrating the nutrients of bellflower root, or scoop it out like honey.


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Weight 1 lbs
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