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[강원도] 횡성맑 자연건조 산(山)황태포 3미 황태구이용


– Hoengseong Malk Mountain Dried Dried Pollack, naturally dried in Hoengseong at the foot of a clean mountain: This is a premium pollack that has been repeatedly frozen and thawed dozens of times in the middle of winter, giving it an excellent nutty flavor, rich umami, and chewy texture.

– Hoengseong Malgsan Hwangtae conducts various hazard tests to create cleaner and more honest products. In September 2019, we passed the US FDA inspection and are doing our best to ensure food safety. Radioactivity test, sulfur dioxide test, aluminum phosphide test, bacterial test (salonella, general bacteria and 7 other types), heavy metal test (lead, mercury, cadmium), etc.

– Before cooking (30 minutes to 1 hour before), lightly wash the dried pollack under running water and then soak the dried pollack by wrapping it in a wet dishcloth or plastic wrap. Once the dried pollack flesh has swelled thickly, you can cook it to suit your taste. Before soaking dried pollack, it is better to remove the head and tail and set them aside to use when making broth.



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