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[고국배송] 횡성맑엄선댁 – 황태포선물세트10미(40-42CM)


01. Delivery information

☞ Delivery takes 5 to 6 business days from the order date.

– Delivery may be slightly delayed due to manufacturer circumstances or during times when delivery volume increases (holidays, etc.).

– If there is a public holiday in the US or Korea, shipment/delivery may be delayed.

☞ For smooth delivery, please leave clear information (name, address, phone number) of the sender (sender) and the recipient (recipient).

– If the product is returned due to unknown/error, absence of recipient, loss of contact, simple refusal to receive, etc., product cost and round-trip delivery fee (per box) will be charged and the customer must bear the full cost.

☞ Delivery on specified days is not possible.


02. Return and exchange information

☞ Products delivered to your home country cannot be canceled, exchanged, or refunded after payment.

☞ There may be differences between the photos and the product, and returns and exchanges are not possible due to this.

– In case of defective product, incorrect delivery, or delivery accident, please take a photo and send it to us, and we will process an exchange/refund after confirmation. Exchanges or refund requests are not possible without sending photos.

– The box or packaging may change depending on the location of shipment (production location or manufacturer). Due to this, returns and exchanges are not possible.

☞ Exchanges and returns are not possible if the product is damaged due to incorrect storage, delay in collection by the recipient, or carelessness. Before ordering, please enter the recipient’s clear address and contact information, as well as check whether the product can be received on the delivery date.

☞ Even if the order is completed via home country delivery, if the product is out of stock in Korea, the order will be automatically canceled and a refund will be issued.





Additional information

Weight 1 lbs
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