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[대관령눈마을황태] 100% 자연건조 황태 – 황태큐브 100G


Dried pollack from Daegwallyeong Snow Village, which only sells pollack from the Bering Sea.

Most of the pollack that comes into Korea is from the Sea of ​​Okhotsk, where permits are given to catch pollack with pollack roe. On the other hand, it has become impossible to catch pollack with pollack roe in the Bering Sea. In other words, you can only catch pollack during the non-spawn season. Therefore, Bering Sea pollack, which cannot be obtained from pollack roe, is much richer in protein and essential fat, has thicker flesh, and is more delicious.

The best place for drying pollack! Daegwallyeong Hwangtae Taedukjang

Daegwallyeong Snow Village Dried Pollack only sells delicious and high-quality dried pollack produced in the snow and wind of midwinter at the Daegwallyeong Dried Pollack Farm, located at 700ml above sea level, which is said to be a good place for people to live.


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