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영산홍 – 로얄 보라 Rhododendron &39Royal Purple – Deep Purple Blooms with Golden Blotch – Hardy to -10 F degrees – Grows to 4 feet – 1 Container Size Plant


연산홍 – 로얄 보라 “베스트셀링”


Product Description Bloom Color: Purple Bloom Season: Late Mid Season Plant Height(potential in 10 years): Four Feet Hardy to: -10 Container Size/Age: #5 Container Plant – These rhododendrons are typically rooting into #5 containers or have spent two years as a field grown plant. They can range in height from 12 inches to 40 inches tall based on their height potential. For example, plants with a growth potential of 2 feet in ten years will only be 12 inches tall, while a plant that will reach 8 feet tall can be 36 inches tall in a #5 container. The top of the plant can range from 15” to 21” wide. Details about Description: Bloom Color/Feature: Rhododendrons blooms come in hundreds of various colors, sizes, and shapes. We do our best to describe what you will experience when your Rhodies starts blooming. Growth Potential in 10 years: This is a standard used to rate rhododendrons. Your rhodie may vary depending on soil, climate, and location. All Rhododendrons can be pruned regularly just after they have finished blooming to maintain the shape and size you desire. Cold Rating: Rhododendrons are rated only for their level of cold tolerance. Rhododendrons can survive in warmer climates as long as several critical factors are met. It is best to visit the American Rhododendron Society Web Page to get a good idea as to what climates they can thrive in. Very simplified, they need to have moist, well-drained soil, and the ability to stay relatively cool.(also see a question and answer below). The cold rating is for a plant that is sitting in still, pooled cold air. Planting your Rhodies in areas next to the house or where cold and warm air mixes, gives you the ability to push the cold hardiness ratings to the edge. Container Size and Age: The more maturity your plant has going into the ground, the better chance it will have towards surviving once planted.


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