Babcock Peach Tree 복숭아나무


  • Bless your taste buds every summer with fresh peaches ripe off the tree.
  • The fruit is so sweet the fragrance alone will make your mouth water.
  • Small to medium white-fleshed freestone.
  • Sweet and juicy, aromatic, low in acid.
  • Low chill hours and great for mild climates.
  • A long-time favorite for both fresh eating and canning.
  • Babcock was the name of the game for decades when it came to white peaches, it was the standard by which new white peach cultivars were evaluated.
  • Low fuzz skin.
  • Self-fruitful.
  • Extremely vigorous trees requiring regular pruning and thinning.
  • Needs fertile, well-drained soils.
  • Tend to bloom early and may be difficult to crop in late frost areas.
  • Plant several varieties for continued supply, as ripe fruit does not store well.
  • Susceptible to peach leaf curl, brown rot, oriental fruit moth, and peach twig borer.
  • By pruning, you can keep your tree at any height.


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An extremely vigorous deciduous fruiting tree that produces small to medium, blush-pink to red, freestone white peaches. Small white springtime blooms peek out of a dense canopy of foliage, and lead to an early or mid-season fruit harvest. Low chill requirement, and an old-time favorite.



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