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Doljabi Kit W/Korean(hangeul) patterned felt sheet Handmade Dohl, Dol, Doljanchi


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Doljabi Kit with 1yd of Korean(hangeul) patterned felt sheet  Handmade Dohl, Dol

What would your baby choose at the only first birthday party in his/hers life?

Dohljabi is a traditional korean future game during a baby’s first birthday party.
Several items are in front of the baby then chosen the item is believed to predict the child’s future.
These days, things are becoming more diverse from the wishes of parents.

Our Doljabi set comes with Korean patterned felt shown in the listing (90x50cm)
It will make your dol table more antique and classic

We have two options for doljabi kit

The decoration tray is not included


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Weight 1 lbs
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