Eureka Lemon Tree 레몬나무


  • Plant a Eureka Lemon tree in the full sun. Amends with high-quality planting mix and fertilizer in soil that drains well. Water a newly planted tree twice per week during the Spring through Summer. Water once per week in the Fall and Winter, while the weather is cool. Consequently, trees in hot climates or sandy soils may need water more frequently.
  • When can I expect fruit from this tree?
    1-2 years, on average
  • Average time in our nursery according to tree size
    1-2 feet: 6 months  (typically ships in 1 gal container)
    2-3 feet: 12-18 months (typically ships in 2 gal container)
    3-4 feet: 18-24+ months (typically ships in 3 gal container)
    (the height also includes the container)
  • Tree Size (as shipped): 1-2 feet
    Mature Tree Size (Approx. 10yrs): 12-14 feet
    Harvest: Multiple
    Seeds Per Fruit: few to none


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Eureka Lemon

An excellent true lemon with a bright yellow rind.   Juicy, acidic flesh has few to no seeds. Nearly thornless plant makes an excellent espalier.  This tree is called the Four Seasons because it bears fruit and flowers year around.  This tree does great in a pot.  Fertilize the tree three times a year.



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