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GOTS 넥카라 강아지 쿠션 Organic Cotton Cushion Collar Pet



GOTS Organic Cotton Cushion Collar Are you still making your pet baby suffer with uncomfortable plastic neck collars? The organic recovery cushion neck collar is a new product that protects your beloved pet from scratching or licking their wounds Features -Pesticide-free, bleach-free -Soft organic fabric Our babies’ skin layer is 1/5th that of humans, making it very thin and fragile. To protect our babies’ skin, only official organic fabrics certified by GOTS are used. -Washable cover To clean when dirty, you can open the zipper and remove only the outer cover and wash the neck collar. -Waterproof lining The inner cushion of the neck collar is made of a waterproof fabric so that the cotton does not become contaminated even if it gets wet or stained with food. The neck collar can be used for a long time, in great condition, with excellent waterproof and breathable fabric. -Dual stopper Using dual stoppers that wrap around twice in both directions, the collar boasts a strong fixing power so that it does not come loose. -Twill cotton fabric 100% twill cotton fabric is used to prevent scratches caused by toes and shows excellent durability Available in 7 styles collar -Sweet garden -Momo land -Choco -Waffle -Jelly bear -Zoo -Disty floral Size (S, M, L, XL) Recommend to hand wash with cold water, air dry flat.

Materials -Organic cotton fabric -Micro water proof fabric


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Choco, Disty Floral, Jelly Bear, Momo Land, Sweet Green, Waffle, Zoo


L, M, S, XL

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