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Haruharu 원더 블랙 라이스 선크림 Wonder Black Rice Moisture Airyfit Daily Sunscreen 50ml 1.69fl.oz


코스코에도 입점된 한국 화장품으로 무향, 무자극, 눈시림없고, 백탁도 없어 인기 제품입니다.

– 흑미에 함유된 쌀겨 오일이 항산화 효과와 피부 보습을 제공
– 영양 공급과 피부 진정을 위한 하트잎 추출물, 피부 톤을 개선하는 나이아신아마이드.
– 눈에 해로운 것으로 알려진 옥시벤존과 옥티녹세이트가 함유되지 않았어요.
– 모든 피부 타입에 적합.
– 비건 친화적인 성분, 저자극성 포뮬러, 크루얼티 프리, 파라벤 7종과 11가지 유해 성분을 함유하지 않은 제품


Product Benefits Antioxidant, Hypoallergenic, Moisturization, Moisturizing, Nourishment, Soothing, Ultra-Violet ProtectionAntioxidant, Hypoallergenic, Moisturization, Moisturizing, Nourishment, Soothing, Ultra-Violet

Item Weight – 50 Grams

Unit Count – 1.69 Fl Oz

Scent – Unscented

Airless Packaging to Keep Unused Product Shielded from Contact with Air, so the Product has a Reduced Risk of Oxidation.

Rice Bran Oil Infused with Black Rice that gives Antioxidant Effect and Skin Moisturization. Heartleaf Extract for Nourishment and Skin Soothing, Niacinamide to Improve Skin Tone.

Reef Safe Formula that Does Not Contain Oxybenzone and Octinoxate which are know to cause harm to the see.

Haruharu Standard : Haruharu Aims to Make Product which is Suitable for All Skin Type, even for those with Extra Sensitive Skin. We make products with Vegan Friendly Ingredients, Hypoallergenic Formula, Cruelty Free, Free from 7 types of Paraben and 11 harmful Ingredients.

Made in Korea


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Weight 1 lbs
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