Persimmon Tree 단감나무


  • For sale is one Persimmon Tree that is 6-12″ tall and shipped in a 4″ pot
  • A single persimmon tree can self-pollinate, however two persimmon trees will provide a better chance of pollination
  • Planting instructions included with purchase


단감나무 입니다.
5겔론 사이즈며 지금 심으셔도됩니다.

  • The Persimmon is a non-astringent, sweet, delicious treat
  • This Persimmon will bear fruit within 1-2 years of being planted in the ground.
  • The persimmon is easy to care for onces established, so it is a perfect choice for any sunny yard
  • This persimmon is self-pollinating, and gets an acorn shaped red-orange fruit that can be eaten right off the tree.
  • The tree itself gets beautiful green leaves during the spring and summer, and loses its leaves during the spring/fall.



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