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Our fresh royal jelly comes straight from the hive with nothing added. No artificial colors, flavors, preservatives or additives. Just pure, unprocessed fresh royal jelly harvested by caring beekeepers from strong and resilient hives.

Otherwise known as nature’s best-kept secret, fresh royal jelly is the “milk” queen bees consume, and is thought to contribute to their long lifespan. Produced by nurse bees, this milky, pale yellow, creamy liquid is the queen bee’s only source of food and it is where she gets all of her energy to lay more than 1500 eggs per day! Thanks to royal jelly, queen bees can live up to 4 years which is almost 50 times longer than a worker bee.

This jar contains a kilogram (2.2lbs) of royal jelly.

Shipping and Storage

 Royal jelly in a temperature-controlled freight container and stores royal jelly frozen solid. We ship your product with a cooling pack. This pack may be thawed upon arrival (dependent upon weather and shipping method chosen). Because royal jelly is a perishable product, Royal jelly farm is not responsible for local weather conditions. We require all fresh royal jelly orders to ship using Next Day or 2nd Day Air. We HIGHLY recommend choosing next day shipping during hot summer months. We ship royal jelly Monday through Wednesday only. Next Day and 2nd Day Air orders will be shipped the next available business day. Please note that any other product in your order will be required to ship using Next Day and 2nd Day Air.

About Royal Jelly Harvesting

In nature when a colony needs a new queen, worker bees will build several wax queen cells. A queen will lay an egg into these cells and nurse bees will fill them with royal jelly to feed and develop the new queen. The hatched queens then fight it out – and the survivor is the new queen of the colony.

Fake Queen Cells for Royal Jelly Production

Commercially, beekeepers mimic the natural process by inserting wax queen cells or “starts” into the hive. The beekeeper will then insert an egg into these starts and the nurse bees then fill them with royal jelly. 

At a very specific time, the beekeeper removes these fake queen cells from the colony and uses a small suction tool to extract the royal jelly from each cup. Larvae are filtered out and the royal jelly is chilled immediately. This painstaking process requires a strong colony and even more attentive beekeeper. It is estimated to produce a single ounce of royal jelly it requires 10 to 20 cells.

Note: This product does not contain any of the 8 major allergens. In rare cases bee products may cause allergic reactions in some people. This product is manufactured in accordance with all Federal, State and regulatory guidelines and is in full compliance with Dietary Supplement regulations.



Royal jelly Farm has a longstanding relationship with our royal jelly supplier and has sourced royal jelly from the same supplier for over 20 years. Like every other domestic supplier of royal jelly, Royal Jelly Farm sources its royal Jelly from USA. Many of the families we source our royal jelly from have been keeping bees for three generations or more. As the senior beekeeper retires, children are taking over the business and continuing to grow and establish larger colonies. We fully trust the quality of our product and test each batch of royal jelly to ensure freshness, potency, and to ensure there are no prohibited substances.


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