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찐노을 스카프 Silk Scarf Bag scarf Head Hair Ribbon



Product Description

silk scarf ribbon


Hand wash in cold water below 30℃ or dry clean is preferable.

Using neutral detergent when washing.

Do not bleach.

Do not wring.

Ironed with low temperature.


Avoid from being snagged by hard objects.

Keeping away from desiccant, perfume or cosmetics.

100% real mulberry silk

  • Material: 100% real mulberry silk


SIZE: 49.21”X2.56” (125cmX6.5cm).

How to tell genuine silk from fake silk?

1. Touch: If bunching up real silk, it crunches sound like walking in snow. Real silk can become warm when you hold it on your hand, but a fake one will not.

2. Use A Ring: If the fabric is thick enough you may apply this method. The real silk can slide through smoothly and quickly, while fake silk won’t. The fake silk will bunch up or even get slightly stuck on the ring.

3. Appearance:Real silk fits better in person than the fake one.

4. Fire: Real silk burns with smell like burning hair while exposed to the flame. Real silk won’t catch fire and it will stop burning when the flame is moved away. Fake silk can catch fire easily and burns with smell like burning plastic. But please be cautioned when applying this method.


Additional information

Weight .60 lbs
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