White Jade Aid Drink 백옥 에이드


내 피부를 더 밝고 깨끗하게 마시는 글루타치온 15포


화이트 백옥포큘러 2,000 mg  (1포당)

10g x 15포 (150g  / 총 535 kcal)




Size: 15 sachets per box Instructions : Take 1-2 sachets in the morning with empty stomach for optimal results. Want to achieve fair, radiant, bright, and beautiful skin from inside to outside effectively and naturally without any side effects? Wait no more. This is the hottest product that you are looking for from Korea. Helps to tighten pores, refines skin, lighten skin to achieve at least 2-3 tones lighter. Try it today.

White Jade Aid – Korean skin whitening and anti-aging drink 15 sticks

White Jade Formula 2.000 mg / 1 Stick

L-arginine & Hyaluronic acid

Lemon Flavor with 500 ml Water

Vitamin C 100mg / LHM


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Weight 1 lbs
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